“We often work with customers who initially want a classical interior design. The owners of this house is a couple of anglophiles and they love everything old. The trick is that they bought a modern house,” Dmitriy says. In fact, it was not the house which attracted their attention. It was a land plot in a village close to the Pokrovskoye-Rubtsovo country estate. The estate initially belonged to the Nashokin family but Savva Morozov bought it in the 19th century. The famous philanthropist Morozov invited Fyodor Schechtel to renovate the mansion. Schechtel partially transformed the façade and completely re-did the interior design of the house. Savva Morozov welcomed Anton Chekhov, Konstantin Stanislavsky, Viktor Vasnetsov, Isaac Levitan, Valentin Serov and many other men of art to his renovated mansion.

Year: 2016

Country: Russia

City: Moscow Region

Space: 600 sq.m.

You will find a large entry hall, a living room, a winter garden, a dining room, a kitchen and some utility rooms on the ground floor. The private quarters are located on the first floor. Dmitriy explains, “The private quarters open with a transfer entry hall which takes you to the master office, the lady’s boudoir, the master bedroom and bathroom.” The master office stands apart from the rest of the house due to its purely English décor. The upper parts of the walls are decorated with checked wallpaper, the lower sections are covered with wood panels. Some of those cache the cabinets and the multimedia system. “When all the panels are closed, you may think that the TV has not been invented yet,’ – the Khoroshevs say with a smile. The whiskey carafes, however, are the existing reminders of those old times. The owners love the antiques and truly enjoyed selecting those objects.

Things like whiskey carafes give the house a sense of antiquity the owners wanted. Dmitriy says, “Technically, you can find all the elements of a classical interior design here. But each of them has been slightly modified.” For example, unusual stucco moldings on the ceiling in the bedroom echoes the bedcover design. On the contrary, the winter garden looks extremely modern. Every little detail of the décor here is well thought. The décor is minimalistic, the colors are neutral. The walls are decorated with wood, while the floor is covered with travertine and brass inserts. Nothing will take your attention off the plants in the winter garden and outside. Dmitriy explained, “We installed a floor-to-ceiling window without any curtains here. The idea was to use the summer green leaves outside to make sort of a composite picture.”

An unusual double-faced fireplace was built in the wall separating the winter garden from the living room. It looks a bit like an aquarium. There is a truly unusual object opposite it. “We spent a lot of time trying to figure out the decoration of the entrance to the living room. Finally, we chose an English tapestry depicting unicorns, deer, sheep, pigeons, hedgehogs and rabbits. And we chose matching upholstery,” Tatyana says. You can see some horses on the far wall. The Khoroshevs asked their friend to paint a hunting scene in the Pokrovskoye-Rubtsovo country estate. And now the owners can enjoy some noble country life depicted on the painting in their house and in the country estate not far away from it.